3 Great Reasons to Work for Barracuda as a Product Manager

1. It’s fun

Barracuda makes work more like play. Or at least builds a lot more play into the work experience than companies overall. Fun is partly about perks, but it’s mostly about culture. At Barracuda PMs have autonomy, ownership, and support from leadership as well as peers. Fail fast and learn fast. We embrace failure as the most effective path to learning. Dont get me wrong, we celebrate every win, big or small, but we are not slapped on the wrist when something goes awry. Dont take my word for it, Barracuda was honored by Comparably for Best Company Culture

2. It feeds your soul.

Barracuda excels at providing purposeful work — we keep our customers protected against all kinds of cyber threats. We also emphasize volunteerism and camaraderie — lifelong friendships are often developed here. What’s more, you can expect personal and professional growth. Call it a twist on an old saying: if you’re not working on yourself at work, you’re not working at the right place. Check out everything Barracuda does to invest in its employees and Barracuda invests in our mental health as well by giving us access to such services. In contrast to toxic workplaces that harm employees, Barracuda promotes health and wellbeing, job autonomy, help with work-life integration, job security, generous health insurance benefits, extended maternity and paternity leaves and unlimited vacation time, which we are encouraged to use.

3. It’s on the cutting edge.

Although much of the news about cyber security today is gloomy, Barracuda is leading the way to a brighter future. It is at the forefront of emerging solutions to sophisticated attacks. Watch the whole session to see what our amazing product folks are working on currently.

Oh and we are hiring!


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